The quest for MLM success

August 28, 2009

There is only one ingredient needed to succeed in the MLM world:
Six months and we are finally getting the benefits.
Of course, the company that we represent is magnificent



July 30, 2009



July 28, 2009


To stay healthy and strong and avoid illness rather than cure disease

July 22, 2009

It started when I reached 50 and I could not drink without a three day hangover.I went for a check up and returned with three prescriptions for border line diabetes, cholesterol and high blood pressure. I placed them in the garbage bag and I went to the internet to research an alternative.

At the time it was about health, not about money.
I found a product called Vivix and I logged in.
It captivated me because I have been drinking wine all my life and at one time I had a nice wine cellar, but developed allergies to the sulfites.

One serving of Vivix a day is the equivalent of 3000 glasses of wine a month and it contains Reservatrol , a substance now known to be a cellular anti-aging agent. It repairs cellular DNA and promotes energy through mitochondrial biogenesis.
I contacted the company the makes Vivix and I take it every day.
I am 63 years old and run two businesses, have two young kids and life is great !

In have also turned my home green and there are no more cancer producing products in my bathroom or kitchen.

It is a no brainer that starts with a first small step.
Please see : and stay healthy and avoid disease.

Oh yes ….and you can make money too !

Hello world!

July 21, 2009

It is rough out there but there are many opportunities.

Get out, walk, talk, visit, make the best of this day and the rest will follow.

My parents started their lives at 34 when they landed in America. I was not supposed to happen after two wars and the most unlikely reunion of my parents after their respective exodus.

But here I am at 63 and I am healthy and happy and I have a wonderful wife and 5 beautiful children and, yes , a georgeous grand daughter.

Here is to life ! Hello world !